My Motivation: Why start this blog?

Everybody’s doing it, why not me?!

But honestly, I decided to start this blog for a few reasons, and I figured you might be curious what’s the motivation behind this project.

Here are my reasons in no particular order:

1. To WRITE!

I’ve always loved to write, at least, that was one of my major passions as a child. Having been a park ranger, I am pretty good at taking in large volumes of scientific and historical information and interpreting it in a way that is more accessible.

In my current life circumstances, I have had to re-examine where my strengths, talents, and gifts lie in order to reinvent myself…which brings me to point number two:

2. To create a career while remaining at home with my baby

When I unexpectedly ended up a stay-at-home mom a year ago, it has become a time of deep self-reflection. Not because I had all the time in the world—mind you—but because, as lovely as it is to know that your baby is in a deeply loving environment all day long (or at least most of the time), stay-at-home motherhood can be a huge drag!


I struggle to find meaning and purpose in my day outside of childcare, and this is something I can do from home that utilizes some of my talents and that might have some impact on bettering the lives of others, too.


3. To document my “from scratch” journey towards a more authentic, Earth-centered, conscious, and divinely feminine life, aka Wild Womanhood

This might be the top reason, if I were to rank.

I have read many blogs about healthy natural living—sadly, mostly driven by fear of disease rather than the desire to live a vibrant, joyous life—and am starting to read more metaphysical blogs, but I have yet to find one that really speaks to me. Either they are too focused on nutrition facts, separating it from the spiritual and sacred, or they are too complex for the beginner to understand.

I hope that by documenting, basically from the beginning, my own journey, I can help others attracted to this lifestyle and who hear the call but are just as overwhelmed and confused as I often find myself!

Listen(And, of course, it acts as a great accountability tool to make sure I don’t fall into the self-pity pit of despair.)

4. To be able to help my family financially

Related to reason number 2 of creating a career I can do from home, I want to stay at home with my baby while also being able to contribute to my family’s income.

We would love to move out of our apartment into our own home where we can begin homesteading on a deeper level, but right now the Commodore’s salary goes to our roof, our food, and gas for the car. I want to help us get there through work I love and that also benefits others.

While I am sure I won’t be making any money from this blog anytime soon—and as of this writing I am not an affiliate or anyone and none of my links are affiliate links—it’s the dream.

5. To meet like-minded women (especially mamas)

Since we moved (temporarily???) from Alaska to the Lower-48 a year and a half ago, I have made zero friends.

Making friends in a seasonal town is fairly easy. Making friends in a town where people have already established themselves for years is hard, especially for someone who isn’t naturally extroverted (unless I’m in my ranger uniform.) The one new mama’s group I’ve been to has different faces every time, and it’s hard to bring up “Oh hey, you look like you might be into nature stuff, are you?” when you’re trying to wrangle a squirmy baby bear.

I’m hoping that through this blog I will “meet” lots of other like-minded women and mamas and learn from you, as well! Hey, maybe there will even be some who live close by and I’ll be able to have a real life friend other than Baby Bear, the Commodore, and Sweet Tea (the dog.)
♥Moon Bear Woman

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