• “Under the Blanket”: Soaking-In After the Quest

    I came back from my vision quest 8 days ago. The elders leading the quest suggested that we have some “under the blanket” time, which is a Native American wording for time spent after a vision quest before returning to the daily life, when we gently re-introduce ourselves back to “reality.” This time also acts […]

  • Ancient Psyche
  • Sowing the Seeds of My Wild Woman Journey

    It was (unknowingly) around two New Moons ago, a time of intention setting, that I asked the Divine Source of All That Is (aka God, Goddess, the Great Unknown, Universal Consciousness, What-Have-You) to allow me to manifest as my true wild woman self. I anticipated that it would be a rather simple procedure, A swift […]

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  • What Does It Mean to Become Wild Woman

    Wild Woman is Waking The phrase “Wild Woman” is cropping up a lot these days. From quotes on cross fit photos to, ahem, crunchy mama blogs, Wild Woman is rising. And this is a VERY GOOD thing. But some of us new to this wildish way of thinking and living might be asking ourselves… What […]