Sowing the Seeds of My Wild Woman Journey

It was (unknowingly) around two New Moons ago, a time of intention setting, that I asked the Divine Source of All That Is (aka God, Goddess, the Great Unknown, Universal Consciousness, What-Have-You) to allow me to manifest as my true wild woman self.

I anticipated that it would be a rather simple procedure,
A swift yet gentle shift into an empowered heroine
In 30 days or less.

Because, despite years of scattered reading, study, thought, analysis, soul-searching and earth wandering, I’d never simply asked outright before.

“That must be the key!” I naively thought. “I’ve been so naive!”

Yet, after asking for this manifestation, as I inquired about specifics on how to assist in my transformation, what steps to take, my Spirit Helpers gave me some answers I did not expect, although perhaps I should have.

This happens a lot with my Spirit Helpers.
They always tell it like it is,
Whether or not I like it.
To become wild woman, they said, is not so easy as turning on the light, snapping one’s fingers, or wiggling one’s nose—although in certain circumstances, I believe it can be so—but is a process, taking at least the amount of time of a full growing & harvest season from May to November, likely longer.

I must sow the seeds now that I wish to reap.
In setting my intention, I do so(w).

I plant myself in the Earth.

Distilling the initial steps they suggested I take, I would say (in the affirmative tense) they are as follows,

To Manifest my True Wild Woman Self:

  1. I return to my childlike senses and sensibility (to my roots in Divine perfection and wisdom) through appreciation of the multifaceted beauty of life.
  2. I resolve my imbalances and embrace my natural oppositions.
  3. I do these things through my tangible, daily life.
  4. I manifest my wild woman through my relationships with others as well as myself.
  5. I co-paint the big picture and allow the details to fall into place naturally.
  6. I allow this wisdom to come to me with ease and lightheartedness.

These “directions” speak of surrendering control in order to receive wisdom & abundance,

Of releasing tension and resistance that sometimes feels necessary in order to achieve greatness,

And recognizing that greatness is already innate, a part of us from birth, if we simply allow ourselves to grow and BLOOM as the flower (or Oak) knows.
The journey back to Wild Woman should not be a struggle to achieve something outside of ourselves, but rather a process of surrender to the natural forces and wisdom already present within us.

When I thought over these directions, a sense of FREEDOM and openness made itself known. Most of these directions speak simply of releasing accumulated societal gunk, sloughing off the dead skin of the old ways, waking up again into a simple place of being and an honest and clean way of doing.
♥ Moon Bear Woman



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