Lunar Intention for June 2016

Using the cycle of the Moon to set and carry out intentions is one of the ways we can connect with the natural rhythms of the Moon, the Earth, and the greater Universe.

It helps us to both plan and achieve our goals, while also allowing us reflection on the passage of time in a way that is much different from what we are used to.

By working in harmony with the power of the Moon, we allow the Universe to help us birth our dreams into fruition!

Moony Midwifery, if you will!

My Experience with Lunar Intentions


Setting intentions at each New Moon is something I have been doing consciously for the past few months, and while I am not an expert, I enjoy how it has made me more observant of the Moon phases, the passage of time, and my focus on manifesting my intentions.

I am going to start sharing these personal Lunar intentions each month on the blog, so you can observe how I do it and try it (in your own way) for yourself!

I will also write a more in-depth “how to” blog post about this topic once I have a few more Moons under my belt.

Until then, these charts from Lunar Abundance by Ezzie Spencer are an amazing and quick reference that I have been using and highly recommend! I use the Lunar Abundance Planner  and Lunar Abundance Chart to plan and track my intention setting.

Developing this Month’s Intention

Like last month, this month my New Moon intention was also shaped by my Spirit Helpers (i.e. spirits who watch over and guide us in this physical realm—a more conventional way to think of this might be “guardian angels” or simply direct communication with God/Goddess/All-that-Is.) I’m still learning to communicate with them, and have only been doing so consciously for about six months, so it’s still a new concept to me, too!

This is my deck, which I chose based on the animal focus, the similarity of animals to those of Alaska, the fact that I feel a connection to the Celtic-Northern European tradition through my ancestry, as well as the beautiful artwork! I truly love this deck.

An easy and positive way to communicate with Spirit/s is by using oracle cards. I have gotten in the habit of consulting them twice a month, during the New and Full Moons, to keep me on track with manifesting my intentions. It allows me to see where I am straying or where I have made positive changes. I like oracle cards rather than tarot cards, as they are less intimidating and focused more on positive guidance than fortune-telling. Plus they are usually beautiful! I have been using oracle cards (the deck to the right, specifically) on and off for the past four years.

I also perform a small, simple ceremony during these moons as a way of bringing my intention to life through a physical action or symbolic gesture.

At that point, it begins to move from the spiritual realm into the physical.

Woo hoo!

The intention my helpers suggested this month is also directly related to the second and fourth steps they told me I needed to take in order to manifest as my true wild woman self. The second and fourth steps are (in the affirmative):

“I resolve my imbalances and embrace my natural oppositions.”


“I manifest my wild woman through my relationships with others as well as myself.”

The imbalance that is challenging me right now is between my primal instincts and my spiritual intuition (and human reasoning) within my relationship with the Commodore & Baby Bear.

Allow me to explain…

Don’t Wake the Mama Bear

Over the past few months, my animal aggression has come out far too strongly through misdirected anger, irritation, and bite. I was a tired, “wounded” mama bear, lashing out and snapping from exhaustion and frustration. My adrenals were zapped, my quest for purpose was hitting dead ends, and I still had to take care of a house and teething baby on top of it all. Not to mention a partner who doesn’t understand my Wild Woman side, or “dancing under the moon naked in the woods,” as he puts it.

But soon, what was once a guilty snarl here and there, became habitual, and I transformed wholly into the primal ferocious mother 24/7, growling even when I knew internally that it wasn’t required and that it was hurting my family. But I kept doing it anyway, because I felt so wounded that I lied to myself that I deserved or had the right to be angry and release it.

photo by Yathin S Krishnappa
Bears are usually peaceful…unless provoked! ♥

Thankfully, I finally was able to step outside of myself and see that it had gone on for far too long. I wasn’t just releasing pent up anger anymore, it was festering and I was generating more.

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” -Buddha

The new perspective didn’t resolve everything, but recognizing the issue is half the battle. I asked for guidance on how to heal this anger. I did not enjoy being this vicious mama. It wasn’t good for me or anyone in my family, still new and finding our feet.

I did not want any more memories made of Mama being a grumpy and ferocious beast!

Ironically, the one card that my helpers kept showing to me was Bear. But usually Bear is shown to me upright, a positive stance.

This time, it kept coming up reverse, meaning I was letting myself get overwhelmed by my primal ferocity without tempering it with human reason, compassion and spiritual intuition.

Yes, my friends.
You always know exactly what’s at the root.

The Intention

Thus, my intention for this month is (in the affirmative present tense):

I find the way to come into my miraculous power by marrying my primal instincts with my spiritual intuition.

Shorthand version:

My primal instinct & spiritual intuition are in harmonious union. ∞

Manifesting yet?

Nearly half-way through this month, I have made very positive changes so far. I slowed my snarls down to once a day and now it’s even less than that (and just at the Commodore). It has been fairly easy, to be honest. Perhaps I was given the healing I asked for and/or perhaps knowing, seeing, and thinking my intention on the daily has made it easier to calm myself. My adrenals being better has also likely helped.

HOWEVER (that’s a big however,) after doing a good job resolving my imbalance of animal ferocity and intuition and reason, the “embracing my natural oppositions” is now coming up.

As the Commodore, a “realist”, and I, “Wild Woman Hippie Earth Mama”, are now able to communicate, we are discovering that underneath the ferocious animal anger there is a greater imbalance found within our points of view! It has put us in a difficult place in our relationship.

But, if I listen to my helpers (as I quickly learned I usually should), they would tell me that the answer is to “embrace the natural opposition”. Opposites attract after all! Now we have to learn to embrace our differences and form a harmonious union between them.

Moon Bear Woman & the Commodore (& Baby Bear)

It’s funny how one intention can turn into another, a domino effect, a spiral of healing.

🌚 ✨Moon Bear Woman




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