Lunar Intention for Mead Moon 2016: Part 1: Moons & Astrology 101


This Moon’s lunar intention—focused on the health of the body and its relation to our spiritual natures and work on Earth—came to me quite naturally. I discovered so much connectivity between its appearance during this particular lunar cycle that it feels like I am really riding the spiral of healing, the domino roll, the flow of the journey.

As I am still getting my footing and grasp on the process, I am splitting this post into two posts since there is a lot of background info I want to share to explain how I came to my intention. Once I have a better idea of what I am doing, I will find a more organized way to share! Thanks for bearing with me in this new blogger process. 😊

First, I’ll explain a little about this month’s Moon, including some basic “Astrology 101” I just learned and about which am totally stoked! Then, in the second post, I’ll talk about my personal intention for this month, how I came to it, and how it relates back to the themes of this month’s Moon.

July 2016: Mead Moon & New Moon in Cancer

🍯 What is Mead Moon?

The Full Moon (usually) in July is known (like all Full Moons of each month) under many different names, but the one that resonates the most for me is “Mead Moon.”

I first came across the idea of Moon names in general, and Mead Moon in particular, in the book Full Moon Feast by Jessica Prentice. In it, she writes:

At the height of summer, when the days are long and the Earth is in bloom, we enter the lunar cycle known in sixteenth-century England as the Mead Moon. The beehives are heavy with honey made from the pollen of spring and summer flowers, and honey was the crucial ingredient for making mead—the honey wine of legend, myth, and human history brewed from the precious produce of industrious bees.” P. 119 (emphasis mine)

Mmm! As I read that back just now, I had to get up and grab a spoonful of raw honey!

She goes on to say, “In Ayurveda raw honey is considered medicine, whereas cooked honey is poison,” and quotes Sally Fallon (of Weston A. Price fame) on how “a Russian study of the inhabitants of the province of Georgia, where many live to 100 years and a few to age 150, revealed that many of these centenarians were bee-keepers who often ate raw, unprocessed honey.

Prentice then lists all of the medicinal ooh-la-la goodies and nutrients found in raw honey, and shares other bits of lore about traditional uses of honey, mead, and other “intoxifying” bevvies that bring us closer to the Gods and Spirit!

Kinda perfect since my intention this month has to do with a healthy body and its connection to the Divine! (And you’ll never guess what animal oracle card I drew as the “focus” for this intention! Hint: Buzz 🐝!)

More on that in Part Two, but what about THIS Moon in particular? What are the characteristics of this New Moon that I can work with as I create my intention? For this, we delve into a little Astrology 101…

Astrology 101: The Moon & the Zodiac

So the Mead Moon aspect of this lunar cycle relates to the cycles of Earth, the seasonal change, and the traditional human relationship with this time of year.

But what do the stars have to say?

(An astrology novice, as I’ve started to venture into this territory I have had so many little “ah ha!” moments that I believe it will soon become a heavily relied upon resource! Much of the inspiration for this idea came from The Lunar Lab podcast.)

Every few days the Moon moves into a new astrological sign of the Zodiac, and as such, whatever sign the Moon is in has an impact on the flow of energy on Earth (and in you!)

If you are a visual learner, an easy way to wrap your head around this is to imagine a magical celestial clock. On the face of the clock, every hour (of 12 hours) has its own sign (Taurus, Leo, Libra, etc). The Moon is at the tip of the hour hand, moving slowly through each of the signs as it makes its way around the clock.

Except in this case, the hours are about 2.5 days long, meaning every 2.5 days the Moon moves into a different sign of the Zodiac, and each sign (and furthermore, that sign’s element: Fire, Air, Earth, Water) brings with it different attributes that you can harmonize with to improve the flow of your energy & activities here on Earth! Isn’t that cool?

By paying attention to what sign the New Moon is in at the start of this lunar cycle, it can help us develop a strong intention based on the overall “vibe” of this lunar cycle. As the Moon continues to rotate through the signs in the following days, we can further use the aspects of those signs and elements to refine our days individually for maximum impact. Kapow! 👊

New Moon in Cancer

This New Moon (July 4th) was in the Zodiac sign of Cancer ♋.

As a 🌊Water sign, Cancer is a sign of exploration, reflection, receptivity, intuition, and all the emotions, or the “feels,” as we say! She is the nurturing, motherly sign of the Zodiac, concerned with the hearth & home, whose ruling planet is the Moon itself (thus this sign’s further connection with moods, intuition, and fertility!)

Having the start of this lunar cycle with New Moon in Cancer gives me a good clue that any intention set for this month would benefit from connection to these qualities.

When I went back and applied these ideas to the initial impulse I had for my intention, I saw that—Yes!—it was very much connected to these ideas. And it was these characteristics of New Moon in Cancer that enabled me to really flesh out my intention more fully.

Watch me put it all together for this Moon’s intention here: Part 2: The Intention












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