Lunar Intention for Mead Moon 2016: Part 2: The Intention

Read the background info in Part 1: Moons & Astrology 101 here!

Developing this Moon’s Intention

Running on Fumes

As I reflected during the end of the last lunar cycle on how well I had done with mentally & spiritually balancing my primal instinct and spiritual intuition, I felt the wisdom arrive to me that the disconnect between these two aspects of myself—and the resulting disconnect between my partner and myself—would be healed through my body.

I understood that my reliance on my animal aggression comes from running on fumes, from a lack of SELF-CARE.

(Who would have thought?! 😜)

I keep pushing myself so hard to be productive and purposeful, feeling I have to GO and DO and ACHIEVE in order to compensate or apologize to my partner for being such a tired, stressed out, and anxious mama. In so doing, I become even more burnt out as I try and “make up” for being burnt out in the first place!

I wake up late, exhausted from the start, drink more coffee, keep everyone alive during the day but don’t get anything more done. That makes me feel like a failure, so I stay up late after baby is asleep, but I’m too tired to think, so I make more plans, go to bed way too late, wake up late, and so it goes.

What a vicious cycle!

It seems so obvious. However when you’re in it, you can’t see the forest for the trees. I don’t think until this moment did I even understand the cycle, not until I just wrote it down.

Filling My Own Pitcher

I decided that this lunar cycle I will slow down (which is hard since I already feel I am going at a snail’s pace) to consciously listen to my body and her needs and respond to those needs. I will give her all the elements she requires in order to thrive, and I will start breaking down my habits that prevent her from thriving. I will pay attention to her signals and attend to her needs first.

I will start putting myself first,
because I cannot fill another’s cup if my pitcher is empty.

This hard to say with a one-year-old, but if I can begin to anticipate my needs before they become Need-it-Now!s, mayhap I can learn the balancing dance between self-care and baby care. If I feel my needs have been met and I have loved and cherished myself first, then I will have more to give to others, especially my family.

Simple in logic, hard in practice!

I usually think I don’t have the time for self-care. However, much like spending a little extra money to eat organic can save you money in medical bills and gives you an overall better quality of life, taking time for self-care will give me more energy and enthusiasm. That added boost and motivation then creates time, time I would normally have been too shot to do anything with, I now have the energy to put into dreams, goals, and other pursuits.

What a DELICIOUS cycle!

“My Body Is My Temple”: The Spirit in Self-Care

Our bodies are our “homes” while we are in this state of consciousness—known as life on Earth—and it is from our physical womanly bodies that we bring new life into this physical world, through both creative works and “living works” (aka children).

All-That-Is resides within us, and there is a very real connection to the non-physical Divinity within our physical wombs. Our bodies literally act as a gateway between the Spiritual and Physical realms, just as temples do!

Our bodies are literally our temples.

Our physical bodies are composed mainly of water. New Moon in Cancer speaks to this aspect of water and of home, of nurturing and mothering ourselves and others. The fertility power found in Cancer’s ruling planet, the Moon, further aids us as we gestate both ideas and babies from the Spiritual into the Physical, both of which require a happy, healthy body.

Using our intuition to hear our bodies, to know what they need, and to mother, pamper, cherish and tend to our selves, to allow our selves to feel all the feels and not be ashamed, this is self-care.

Queen of my Hive

When consulting with my oracle cards about this intention, I asked what animal would guide me best in this endeavor. This was before I remembered it was Mead Moon.

I drew Bee! 🐝

The Druid Animal Oracle says that Bee aids us in finding our place in the world and helps with lack of motivation or feelings of isolation from the community that surrounds us. It invites us to celebrate (with a glass or two of mead!) and reminds us that we can live and work together in our harmonious hive. Bee brings with it its honey’s healing properties and mead’s divine intoxication, representing a “world in which spirituality and sensuality, soul and body, have not yet been separated.” (p. 110-112)

By celebrating myself and the divine connection between my sensual body and my spirituality through self-care and intuitive listening, perhaps some Bee medicine will help me to start feeling motivated, find my purpose, heal my relationship and family life, and finally make some friends and establish myself in a community! That’s not too much to ask for, right? *Wink*

The Intention

I decided start writing my intentions as little poems that I can recite in my head. This gives me more room to describe my intention fully, and it can become a powerful mantra.

My intention for this month is (in the affirmative present tense):

My Body is my Temple,
My Home between Heaven & Earth,
I Listen to and Nurture her,
& Through her I give Birth.


Stay tuned as I update my successes (and less-than-successes) with manifesting a deep and rejuvenating self-care ritual! Thanks for reading!

🌚 ✨Moon Bear Woman







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