“Under the Blanket”: Soaking-In After the Quest

I came back from my vision quest 8 days ago.

The elders leading the quest suggested that we have some “under the blanket” time, which is a Native American wording for time spent after a vision quest before returning to the daily life, when we gently re-introduce ourselves back to “reality.”

This time also acts as a “soaking-in” time for any lessons, messages, or gifts that we received during the quest, to allow them to permeate our beings rather than shed off, like water on a duck’s back, by the jolt back to civilization.

I should have asked my partner to schedule more time off after I returned, so that I could have snuggled deeper “under the blanket!”

Although I did have to dive right back into motherhood—and boy was that a slap in the face that revealed even more lessons, so perhaps it was a GOOD thing—I have been spending time in an introspective place and limiting my human interactions and most of that just with my immediate family.

I’m still in the quiet pause space.

But in this space, I am thoughtfully planting the bulbs of spring and easing on in to the pace of Autumn and Winter.


It’s delicious and creative (and sometimes scary and frustrating and overwhelming.)

Most importantly, it is allowing me to focus on mothering myself.

…which was the entire theme of my quest, although I didn’t fully realize that until after I was there. 🙂

Peace & good tidings until next time,




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  1. carlé says: Reply

    I often remind myself:
    Please secure air mask on yourself before helping others.

    What good can we do if we are gasping for breath and fainting from self-neglect?

    Olive juice-xo

    1. Olive says: Reply

      🙂 I think about that one, too.
      I was so “under the blanket” I didn’t see this comment until tonight!
      I like being under the blanket.
      Tis cuddly.

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